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Here you can listen to samples of all The Austins music. When you purchase a digital download or a physical copy from here or their store, you are supporting The Austins in continuing to write and record more original music.

The Austins, Rohan and Candice, follow the incredible success of their first debut single "Back Road Bus Stop", which went to #3 on the country airplay charts, with their new driving single "Home".


With Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell at the helm and Rohan Austin taking the lead vocals, "Home" again showcases the unique and diverse sound of The Austin's and is sure to be another hit with country radio listeners and presenters both nationally and internationally.

"We all have that one place we call “Home”. No matter how long we have been gone from that place, we still refer to it as “Home” and feel at home when we are there. This song is exactly about that. Whether it be a love, a house or just a place, you know no matter how far you travel or spend away from a place or person, only one ever really feels like home." The Austins

The Austins, Rohan and Candice, are an emerging contemporary country duo who have teamed up with Golden Guitar winners David Carter (co-writer - Carter & Carter) and Matt Fell (producer) for their debut single and video release 'Back Road Bus Stop'. The song is their own personal take on a classic long-distance relationship song.


"I was on the farm in Kaniva, Victoria, and Candice was in Adelaide, South Australia. Most of the time I would drive and stay in Adelaide or pick Candice up and drive back to the farm for the weekend. One such weekend I could not take Candice back to Adelaide on the Sunday night, so she caught the bus from Bordertown. Waiting for the bus to leave was agony knowing that we were so close to each other yet so far apart.  Candice vowed never to catch the bus back to Adelaide again." Rohan.


The Austins blend Candice’s sweet soulful vocals with the rocky edge of Rohan’s style which calls to mind the collaborations between Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. It is an enticing and unique blend that sets The Austins apart.

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